Vision and Purpose

  • For Christian singles to find so much contentment and satisfaction in Jesus Christ that they embrace their singleness with joy
  • To build a community of Christian singles, not for the purpose of dating or mingling, but for encouragement to walk this high road with dignity, modesty, and victory
  • To provide articles and stories that ignite single readers’ hearts with the realization of the privilege and gift of being single, whether it is temporary or lifelong
  • To impart a sense of purpose and destiny to single readers, exploring how a single life can display God’s glory and bear fruit for God’s kingdom
  • To model godly singleness to those who might be struggling or unsatisfied in their singleness
  • To advance God’s glory and delight in Jesus Christ
  •  To help to fill the great void of valuable materials –written by singles– to encourage believers in their singleness.

You might also like my post, “A Call to Write,” where I explore deeper into the reasons behind beginning this blog and provide more details about who the blog is for and what it is and is not.


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