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Loving the Real Christ with Real Love

Spurgeon can say it better than me:

“We need Christ—not an abstract, doctrinal, pictured Christ; but a real Christ!

“I may preach to you many a year, and try to infuse into your souls a love of Christ; but until you can feel that he is a real man and a real person, really present with you, and that you may speak to him, talk to him, and tell him of your needs, you will not readily attain to a love like that of the text, so that you can call him, ‘You whom my soul loves.’

“I want you to feel, Christian, that your love to Christ is not a mere pious affection; but that as you love your wife, as you love your child, as you love your parent, so you should love Christ; that though your love to him is of a finer cast, and a higher mold, yet it is just as real as the more earthly passion.”

— Charles H. Spurgeon; Week Eight: Beholding God: Restoring Worship in Our Lives