About the Author

RebekahRebekah is “29 forever” and single, and joyfully in love with her Prince and Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. She has dedicated her time to teaching and missions, including short-term trips to China, the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Spain, and England, and most recently, Haiti, where she served as a teacher at an orphanage.

In the summer of 2012, she attended the basic semester of Ellerslie discipleship training, which was a powerful influence on shaping her thinking regarding faith and the victorious Christian life.

In her free time, Rebekah is likely to be immersed in a book, hiking up to a rocky summit, playing a classical piano piece, kayaking a peaceful lake, or inventing an artistic creation with thread. She also loves the color orange, homemade chai tea, hymn singing, and dark chocolate. But above all, Jesus is her passion and her life. He is the One who brings a sparkle to her eye and a glow to her cheek. He is her Leader, her Shepherd, and her Prince Charming. It is her supreme privilege to follow His call, and she looks forward to going where He takes her.

Get to know me on my personal blog, or contact me here:

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