Sonnet on the Beloved

The glory of the risen Lamb of God
Has seized my heart with full and pure delight.
His majesty and strength and glory bright
Within my life be wholly shed abroad.

None can compare to Him, this mighty king.
Creation pales and worldly pleasures fade.
The Maker so surpasses what He made;
He strikes the chord that makes my spirit sing.

My love springs forth, this reservoir unleashed
To drench the worthy One who loved me first;
I pour my fragrant spikenard on his feet.
My soul, press on to heights of love unreached:
He satisfies my longing, quenches thirst;
Pure ecstasy—In Christ I am complete.


One thought on “Sonnet on the Beloved

  1. Amen! May it be so Lord. May it be so! May this be the moment by moment response of my heart, the daily reality of my soul, the picture of my life. For You are more and better than…… anything. Everything. Amen!

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