I wish the church knew…

Single readers, weigh in on this:

What do you wish the church knew about your unique needs as a single? As an adult single, do you ever feel like a misfit in a congregation that is primarily composed of married people?

I’m writing about the interaction between the church and the Christian single, and I’m putting together a list of “Things the Single Person Wishes the Church Knew.”

For example:

  • Your number one role is not to get me married. It is to point me to Jesus. 
  • My church family may be all the family I have. Please treat me like a loving family.

Have you had any experiences that reflected that the church just didn’t understand you and your needs as a single? Any comments on how the church could serve its single members better?

This is not to vent or to be bitter, but just to promote understanding and help the church to “know its audience” when it comes to singles. Let’s say there is a wonderful, welcoming church out there that is just dying to minister to singles in an appropriate, effective, healing way. What would you say to them?

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4 thoughts on “I wish the church knew…

  1. The number one thing the church needs to do is talk about singleness. Talk about it in a positive light, focusing on its blessings and purposes that God has created it for. The church needs to focus on teaching singles how to use the resources and unique position in the ministry and in church that singleness allows people to have.

  2. I wish the church would focus more on “older women teaching younger women” instead of subdividing the church into groups for life-stages such as teenagers, singles, young married couples, coupes with kids, etc… I think that separating singles creates an unhealthy “distant” feeling which may create more dissatisfaction, loneliness, and discontentment in the single life. Why not create programs taught by seasoned followers of God where Jesus is the focus?

    1. Amen! That’s such a great insight. I recently had the opportunity to serve at a women’s retreat with my church and it was so wonderful to be around older women and just listen to and absorb their wisdom and life experience. Such a blessing!

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