A Word About the Difficulty of Writing This Message

I got stuck after that last post.

Suddenly I discovered how hard it is to proclaim truth. And I had to get on my face before the Lord repeatedly and ask for His heart, His words, His message, and beg Him to remove anything of self, vainglory, and pride. I realized that unless the words I speak are birthed out of His very heart and delivered by the Holy Spirit to pierce ears and enter hearts, then I will just be speaking into the air.

He is doing a deep work in me, calling me to write, yet showing me my utter inadequacy to do so without Him. I am entirely dependent on Him to do the work.

I have gone back and revised the second half of my last post (Putting Jesus First), in order to complete it and say what it was supposed to say. I had to remove my little rant about how no one was listening and replace it with the truths that I believe I was supposed to communicate.

For the future, I commit to bathing my postings in prayer and guarding what I say, listening to the Lord and being sensitive to His direction. I am trusting Him to deliver the words to the readers so that they don’t fall on deaf ears.

(Also, I’m back from Haiti and now have consistent electricity and internet access, so it will be easier for me to post on a regular basis.)

Thank you for reading!

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