How To Be Content And Single At The Same Time

[An audacious title, yes?

Who dares to believe this is even possible, let alone write a “how-to” about it?

I do.

I believe it is possible because I am living proof of it, and I dare to write a “how-to” manual because I don’t think there’s anything that special or esoteric about my contentment in my singleness. Anyone can have what I have. Why couldn’t they? And wouldn’t they be happier if they did?  So in the interest of spreading happiness to lonely singles everywhere, let’s dive in without further ado.]

The Answer in One Word

In a nutshell, the answer is Jesus. But that, left unexplained, may leave you just as much in the dark as ever, because you’ve all heard about Jesus and you’re still full of longing and sighing and the occasional bitter tear.

A Few Preliminaries

  1. This journey is going to cost you everything. Just a heads up.
  2. If you want all the beautiful, rich treasures God offers, you will have to things the way He says.
  3. There are no shortcuts. This is not a “10-step plan” or a magic formula to contentment.
  4. What we are talking about is spiritual and supernatural, not physical.
  5. The reward is well worth the cost.

Does that daunt you? Interest you? Tantalize you? Does it whet your appetite to press in, or does it turn you off and make you say, “That’s not for me”?

If you’re already saying, “That’s not for me,” let me just suggest one thought: You have nothing to lose by reading on. Just think! You have the chance to be content, satisfied, and fulfilled, even in the midst of your singleness. I bet that deep down, you really want it, even if you don’t believe it’s possible or aren’t willing to pay the cost to get it.

If, on the other hand, your heart is pounding with anticipation and you have the wild hope that here, perhaps, at last, is someone who understands you and offers you something real, then come along for the journey and discover what I have discovered.

What it looks like to be content in your singleness

  • You go through each day entirely at peace with the fact that you are single. 
  • You are free from sexual thoughts.
  • You experience no loneliness, ever.
  • Your life is full of rich, meaningful experiences.
  • You are full of overwhelming thankfulness that you are single.
  • You find in Jesus everything that you need to satisfy your heart.

In other words, being content in your singleness is basically living the impossible life.

(And I still have the audacity to write a “How To Be Content” post?)

Oh, yes, I do.

Why? Because I experience each one of the bullet points listed above. I am not lying or exaggerating to say this is my daily experience in its fullness.

If this is mine, it can be yours too.

Therefore–Onward! to the impossible life.

Continued as a series:

Part 2: The Choice and the Gift
Part 3: Putting Jesus First
Part 4: Coming Soon!


One thought on “How To Be Content And Single At The Same Time

  1. I am so excited about this blog! Everything you have written so far has been so rich and full – Jesus is truly better than life and any relationship. He satisfies All – in – All, but so many Christians haven’t tasted that (trust me – I’m speaking from the perspective of a girl whose college campus is obsessed with being in relationships! haha). Keep writing, my friend, and know that I’m cheering you on! Much love and prayers!

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