A Call to Write

I started this blog because I believe that there is a great dearth of valuable materials written to encourage believers in their singleness. Much of what is written on the topic of singleness is not properly focused on Jesus, which is the only place where a person can find healing, victory, and joy in his or her singleness. Many other materials are written by people who are married–not that that disqualifies them from speaking to the topic (after all, every married person was once single), but that it makes their relevance one step removed from the single person who says, “That’s all right for you to say. Your love story turned out fine.” So the Lord prompted me to write, and I obediently (though somewhat tremblingly) forge ahead.

I believe God has uniquely built and qualified me to speak on this topic, first, because I am single, and second, because I am absolutely content, satisfied, and happy in my singleness, and I can show others how to get there.

What I write will be focused on Jesus and pointed toward equipping the reader to find contentment, satisfaction, and purpose in his or her singleness. Scripture will be the basis and foundation for my perspective in everything I write. The heartbeat of this blog will be to see the glory of God lifted high and magnified, to see self and the flesh disappear in the crucifixion with Christ, and to walk in the power of the Spirit, not just for victorious singleness, but for victorious life in general. I intend for this blog to be a haven for all the Christian singles out there to whom this vision rings true.

A note about what this site will NOT be:

  • It will not be in the flavor of a “singles’ group” thinly disguised as a dating club.
  • It will not reflect the popular sentiment that singleness is merely a passing stage to be endured, as if it was a toothache. Singleness is so much more abundant than that.
  • It will not focus on tips to make the reader as marriageable as possible, how to catch a godly guy, how to look attractive, or anything along those lines.
  • It will certainly not endorse, condone, or countenance any kind of impurity, immorality, fornication, or lust.

So with a prayer for grace and wisdom, I thus embark on the journey, and trust it will be a blessing to all who will come with me.

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