How is Jesus Better?

I remember a day at a job where a few of my coworkers and I were sitting around during lunch break. The conversation turned to relationships. One of the women was single, and she expressed the fact with a note of regret in her voice. Then everyone looked at me.

“Rebekah, what about you? Do you have a guy in your life?”

“Oh, I’m single,” I said, “but it’s not like I cry into my pillow every night about it.”

A twinkle came into my eye and a smile spread over my face. “In fact,” I continued, “I’m very much in love.”

“Oh, so you DO have a guy in your life?” the other ladies asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “Jesus.”

Their faces fell. The single girl made a comment to the effect that Jesus is great, but it would be “nicer to have somebody hold you in their arms once in a while.”

This wasn’t the first time that people suddenly got bored when I spoke of my love for Jesus. Why is that? Why do we listen with tantalized expectation to hear someone’s latest relationship story, but we shrug and roll our eyes when it turns out to be about Jesus? Is it because we do not believe that He is better than having “somebody to hold you in their arms”?

Because He truly is better. Anyone who has truly tasted of His presence knows that there is nothing to surpass it. The pain of singleness vanishes when Jesus comes into the picture.

So how is Jesus better than having a guy?

  • Jesus is love. All other human love is a mere shadow, a bare copy, of the pure, strong, unquenchable love of Jesus. Love and be loved by Him, know the original, and you’ll never again be able to settle for a copy. 
  • Jesus is the Creator. He made you, so He knows you intimately. He will never misunderstand you or pretend to not know what you’re on about. 
  • Jesus is All Powerful. We talk about guys being strong and buff. We admire their strength and speed and athleticism. But Jesus is stronger. He is a warrior. He vanquished the prince of this world. He is strong enough to rescue His bride.
  • Jesus is Omnipresent. A mere mortal man goes away–to work, on a business trip, to his man cave, to be alone–but Jesus never does. He is always near. He is always available. It is possible to continually dwell in His presence.
  • Jesus is Eternal. He never dies. A man dies and leaves his widow heartbroken, but we will never lose Jesus.
  • Jesus is our Provider. It can be a scary prospect to face singleness and figure out how you’re going to provide for yourself, but Jesus provides better than any husband. He makes it His NAME (Jehovah Jireh). Jesus is guaranteed to be good with money.
  • Jesus is the model authority. He is never abusive, controlling, manipulative, or bossy. He commands only what is perfectly righteous and pure, and He supplies the power to obey His commands. He wields His authority with love and faithfulness.
  • Jesus is wisdom. How many times do we look to a partner to lean on for advice? But Jesus knows the future, and the past, and the hidden details of the motivations of men’s hearts, and His counsel is perfectly reliable.

These are just  a few of the ways that Jesus surpasses a mere mortal man in satisfying our heart and meeting our needs. What other ways can you think of? Add to the list in the comments section.

Meditate on the surpassing excellencies of Christ today, and seek to know Him more intimately.

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